SimuDrape: Further developments available!

24. August 2020

Advanced composites forming simulation enables the prediction of manufacturability and manufacturing effects without any real-world manufacturing piloting or demonstrators. Based on this, a close connection of product design, manufacturing validation, and engineering becomes possible already in early product development phases.

Our software add-on SimuDrape, which plugs into ABAQUS/CAE and ABAQUS/Explicit, enables you to use your existing software architecture for advanced composites forming simulation of engineering textiles and prepregs, which is not possible based on built-in modeling approaches.

In combination with our software add-on SimuChain, manufacturing effects can be transferred to FEA, such as warpage or structural analysis.

In the last weeks and months, we adopted the approach for thermoforming simulation of thermoplastic tapes developed by our co-founder Dr. Dominik Dörr within his doctoral studies and made it ready to be supplied to our customers. The highlights are:

  • Fully-coupled thermomechanical analysis
  • Crystallization kinetics for semi-crystalline thermoplastics
  • Advanced material modeling through nonlinear Voigt-Kelvin models
    • Viscosity: Cross-WLF
    • Elasticity: WLF
  • Efficient element technique to physically decouple membrane and bending behavior

We applied and validated this approach for a generic geometry. Check out our use case!

If you are interested in more details, a live demonstration, or a trial license, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are pleased if you leave us a message.