Virtual Process Chain

Seamlessly connect product design, manufacturing validation, and engineering using Simutence approaches to generate a Virtual Process Chain.

composite forming simulation

Composite forming

  • Validation of manufacturability
  • Optimization of gripper, clamping, and sequential forming setups
  • Support of mold design
  • Prediction of local fiber orientation and fiber volume content
  • Thermomechanical-thermokinetical analysis for thermoforming
  • Supported technologies: Thermoforming, textile draping, membrane forming, and hot forming
  • Material card creation as a service

Compression molding

  • Material card creation
  • Validation of manufacturability
  • Prediction of filling behavior, required press forces, and suitable processing temperatures
  • Prediction of the pre-forming of complex initial charge configurations
  • Supported material classes: SMC, LFT, and GMT
  • Material card creation as a service

Warpage simulation

  • Validation of dimensional stability
  • Prediction of process-induced deformations (warpage, spring-in)
  • Prediction of solidification and residual stresses
  • Prediction of crystallization (thermoplastics), and curing (thermosets)
  • Initialization of local state variables predicted by forming and compression molding simulation (fiber orientation, temperature, degree of crystallinity or cure)
  • Material card creation as a service

Structural analysis (FEA)

  • Validation of load requirements
  • Consideration of manufacturing effects (e.g. local fiber orientation)
  • Prediction of component stiffness and failure
  • Prediction of local stresses after assembly of the actual geometry predicted by warpage simulation