Advanced Composite Forming Simulation through Add-ons for Abaqus


Validation of manufacturability
for continuous fiber-reinforced plastics


Optimization of process parameters
and gripper/blank holder systems


Determination of tailored blanks
for near-net shaped forming


Prediction and export of forming
effects for subsequent simulation steps


Forming of two-dimensional pre-products is one of the most determining process steps in the manufacturing of continuously fiber-reinforced plastics (CoFRP). This process step, however, might be accompanied by forming defects. Moreover, forming effects like a change in fiber orientation or volume content are inevitable.

SIMUTENCE is specialized in advanced methods for the Virtual Design of fiber-reinforced composites and hybrids, including the supply of forming simulation methods for CoFRP. These methods enable to predict manufacturing effects as well as the manufacturability of a specific geometry.

SimuDrape is supplied as an add-on, making the established FE software Abaqus ready to be applied to CoFRP forming simulation. Use your existing software architecture for advanced CoFRP forming simulations!

How does it work?

SimuDrape covers all steps to run and evaluate a forming simulation using Abaqus/CAE and Abaqus/Explicit. The only thing you need to use SimuDrape is a license and working knowledge for Abaqus.

Beginning with preprocessing, CAD or pre-meshed data of the tools are imported and the laminate is meshed and stacked by SimuDrape plugins for Abaqus/CAE. This results in a complete forming simulation model ready for analysis. The forming analysis is run by Abaqus/Explicit in combination with advanced methods for contact and material modeling supplied as SimuDrape user-subroutines.

Finally, the results are evaluated by the user. To support this step, SimuDrape supplies plugins for the export of manufacturing effects, such as fiber orientation, as well as for determination of a tailoring for near-net shaped forming.



The materials and processes relevant for large-scale production are supported by SimuDrape, ranging from dry engineering textiles to thermoplastic and thermoset prepregs.

Validation, References, and Use Cases

Our methods are tested and validated for geometries with relevant complexity and size, which was shown in several reference projects. Check out our use case on the relevance of thermomechanical thermoforming simulation for thermoplastic tapes or the following publications:

  • D. Dörr et al.: A coupled thermomechanical approach for finite element forming simulation of continuously fiber-reinforced semi-crystalline thermoplastics, Composites: Part A (125), 2019.
  • D. Dörr et al.: A Benchmark Study of Finite Element Codes for Forming Simulation of Thermoplastic UD-Tapes, Procedia CIRP, 66, 2017.
  • Schirmaier et al.: A macroscopic approach to simulate the forming behaviour of stitched unidirectional non-crimp fabrics (UD-NCF), Composites: Part A (102), 2017.

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