Our Services

»We are offering engineering services and software add-ons as well as consulting and training for the virtual design of composites and hybrids. Use our know-how for your projects.«


Training and Consulting

We offer training and consulting for the virtual design of composites, this includes seminars for your engineers interested in composite simulation. Furthermore, we discuss with you the opportunities for transferring your product into a fiber reinforced composite design.


Engineering Services

We apply or virtual process chain as engineering services to develop your components and assemblies. This can either be a holistic part development, like new development or re-design of existing components, or single and multiple steps of our virtual process chain, to ensure and optimize the manufacturability of your product.


Software Add-Ons

Our virtual process chain is based on software add-ons for commercially available software such as Abaqus or Moldflow. This includes advanced modeling techniques for process and structural simulation as well as interfaces for the continuous transfer of manufacturing effects to subsequent simulation steps. Based on this, SIMUTENCE add-ons enhance the applicability of commercial software for the application to the virtual design of composites and hybrids.