Enable smart engineering with composites

Simutence is your highly specialized and independent partner for the virtual design of manufacturing processes and components with plastics, fiber-reinforced composites, and hybrids. Whether process equipment provider, material supplier, component manufacturer, or engineering service provider – we are here to make your product and manufacturing process development cycles most efficient using advanced engineering and simulation methods.

Generate a digital twin of
manufacturing processes and products

Leverage from advanced engineering and simulation methods

Enable material and manufacturing efficiency.

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network and partners

Our approach to the efficient development of manufacturing processes and components is the seamless and close connection of product design, manufacturing validation, and engineering through our virtual process chain. Based on this, virtual manufacturing validation is enabled, which can significantly reduce real-world efforts on demonstrator manufacturing and manufacturing piloting.

Selected customers

Virtual Process Chain

»Seamlessly connect product design, manufacturing validation, and engineering using Simutence approaches to generate a Virtual Process Chain.«

Forming simulation


Key features

  • Material card creation

  • Validation of manufacturability

  • Optimization of gripper, clamping, and sequential forming setups

  • Support of tool design

  • Prediction of local fiber orientation and fiber volume content

  • Thermomechanical-thermokinetical analysis for thermoforming

  • Supported technologies: Thermoforming, textile forming, membrane forming, and hot forming

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Mold filling

Mold filling

Key features

  • Material card creation

  • Validation of manufacturability

  • Prediction of filling behavior, required press forces, and required temperatures

  • Prediction of the pre-forming of complex initial charge configurations

  • Prediction of the local fiber orientation

  • Supported material classes: SMC, LFT, and GMT



Key features

  • Validation of dimensional stability

  • Prediction of process-induced deformations (warpage, spring-in)

  • Prediction of solidification and residual stresses

  • Prediction of crystallization (thermoplastics), and curing (thermosets)

  • Consideration of local state variables from process simulation (fiber orientation, temperature, degree of crystallinity/cure)

  • Prediction of local stresses after assembly

Structural simulation


Key features

  • Validation of load requirements

  • Consideration of manufacturing effects (e.g. local fiber orientation)

  • Prediction of component stiffness and failure

Ways of collaboration

»We offer tailored collaboration approaches through training and consulting, independent engineering services, as well as advanced simulation approaches based on add-ons for established simulation software.«


Engineering services

  • Part- and process design with fiber-reinforced composites and hybrids
  • Material card creation under consideration of processing conditions
  • Validation of manufacturability and structural performance early on

Training & consulting

  • Seminars and trainings on virtual design with composites and hybrids
  • Support for product development and manufacturing
  • General support on advanced engineering and simulation approaches

Software Add-ons

  • Self-developed simulation approaches where state-of-the-art approaches are not sufficient
  • Add-ons for established commercial software such as Abaqus and Moldflow
  • Customized solutions and tools for your innovative processes

Manufacturing process technologies

»We combine state-of-the-art and self-developed approaches for simulation and engineering to support you with product and process design for process technologies relevant to large- and medium-scale production



Seamless data stream

Our functional Virtual Process Chain is based on data transfer between the different simulation steps through mapping and homogenization approaches. Based on this, state variables such as fiber orientation or fiber volume content predicted by process simulation are retained and transferred to warpage and structural simulations. We conduct this step with our product SimuChain, which exports relevant state variables into a neutral exchange format, maps the results from the source to the target mesh, and creates homogenized material cards within ABAQUS.


   Selected customers


Our approach

The idea behind SIMUTENCE is to use existing simulation approaches where the state-of-the-art is sufficient and to use and develop simulation approaches, where the state-of-the-art is not sufficient. We provide our customers with access to all of our simulation approaches through engineering services. Beyond that, we successively make these approaches available to our customers, as soon as a high-quality user experience is guaranteed.

What we strive for

As a spin-off company of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, we support and supply know-how and methods based on the latest state-of-the-art. Our utmost interest is to enable you to gain the maximum use from our know-how and collaboration with SIMUTENCE. Therefore, our services will be tailor-made to your specific challenge!

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