Short video: Advanced SMC modeling

20. February 2023

We are happy to share another short new video on advanced SMC modeling. The specificities of molding SMC materials are often oversimplified in digital engineering, resulting in unexploited structural potential. Our add-ons and approaches enable you to unlock this potential by providing easy-to-use and accurate simulation methods.

Our in-mold molding characterization approach serves as the basis for reliable material cards for molding simulation. Based on this, manufacturability, as well as manufacturing effects, become predictable.

SimuChain, our add-on for ABAQUS/CAE, enables the transfer of the manufacturing effects predicted by molding simulation to downstream FEA, such as structural analyses (FEA). By considering the local fiber orientation, the prediction accuracy of structural analyses is significantly raised, enabling the exploitation of the lightweight potential.

Sounds interesting? Do not hesitate to reach out in case you have any questions.