ESAFORM 2021 open access proceedings online!

14. April 2021

Interested in composites forming and molding simulation?

Our colleagues from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as well as our co-founder Dominik are presenting their articals at this year’s ESAFORM conference.

Have a look and check out the open-access articles!


Prediction of forming effects in UD-NCF by macroscopic forming simulation – Capabilities and limitations

Luise Kärger et al.



A Sequential Approach for Simulation of Thermoforming and Squeeze Flow of Glass Mat Thermoplastics

Dominik Dörr et al.



Deep neural networks as surrogate models for time-efficient manufacturing process optimisation

Clemens Zimmerling et al.



Towards numerical prediction of flow-induced fiber displacements during wet compression molding (WCM)

Christian Poppe et al.



Potential and challenges of a solid-shell element for the macroscopic forming simulation of engineering textiles

Bastian Schäfer et al.



Material Modelling of Fabric Deformation in Forming Simulation of Fiber-Metal Laminates – A Review on Modelling Fabric Coupling Mechanisms

Henrik O. Werner et al.