ESAFORM 2020 contributions online!

4. May 2020

Our colleagues from the Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as well as our co-founder Dominik are contributing to this year’s and first virtual ESAFORM conference through several publications.

The basic framework for composite forming simulation adopted for these publications was implemented at KIT-FAST and is now being industrialized by SIMUTENCE under the product name SimuDrape within a license agreement with KIT.

It’s impressing to see the different further developments and how the limits of composite forming simulation are pushed.

Have a look yourself and check out the links to the full texts below!


Capabilities of Macroscopic Forming Simulation for Large-Scale Forming Processes of Dry and Impregnated Textiles

Luise Kärger et al.



On the Applicability of Thermoforming Characterization and Simulation Approaches to Glass Mat Thermoplastic Composites

Dominik Dörr et al.



Estimating Optimum Process Parameters in Textile Draping of Variable Part Geometries – A Reinforcement Learning Approach

Clemens Zimmerling et al.



A 3D Modelling Approach for Fluid Progression during Process Simulation of Wet Compression Moulding – Motivation & Approach

Christian Poppe et al.



Reduced-Integrated 8-Node Hexahedral Solid-Shell Element for the Macroscopic Forming Simulation of Continuous Fibre-Reinforced Polymers

Bastian Schäfer et al.



Material Modeling in Forming Simulation of Three-Dimensional Fiber-Metal-Laminates – A Parametric Study

Henrik O. Werner et al.