Design & Optimization

The first step towards a Digital Twin!


The smart application of plastics, fiber-reinforced composites, and hybrids for innovative lightweighting requires a material-specific and tailored design, to fully exploit their lightweight potential. SIMUTENCE supports the design and development of individual lightweight structures.

Our expertise includes:

  • Development of new lightweighting concepts
  • Numerical design optimization
  • Identification of suitable materials and processing technologies
  • Composite-specific redesign of existing parts or assemblies

Numerical Design Optimization

Numerical design optimization is a powerful tool to fully exploit the lightweight potential for a given design space and boundary conditions. Based on this, new and highly optimized design concepts can be generated.

Our expertise and optimization approaches include

  • Topology optimization to create an optimum material distribution in the design space e.g. for rib structures
  • Shape optimization to improve existing designs
  • Layup optimization for shell-like structures
  • Optimization of local reinforcements with continuously fiber-reinforced composites
  • Anisotropy analysis to efficiently optimize local stacking sequences for large structures through our product SimuOpt

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