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SIMUTENCE is specialized in the virtual design with plastics, fiber-reinforced composites, and hybrids. This includes advanced engineering and simulation approaches for product development as well as for process design.

To enable you to make use of our know-how, we offer training and consultancy services. Our services in this area include:


  • Seminars and training on the basics of virtual design with composites and hybrids
    • Materials theory
    • Composite-specific design
    • Numerical design optimization
    • Process simulation
    • Spring-in and warpage prediction
    • Structural simulation


  • Consulting and support for product development and manufacturing
    • Materials characterization
    • Identification of suitable materials
    • Manufacturing strategies
    • Demonstrator manufacturing
    • Identification of partners for component manufacturing


  • Consulting and support for advanced engineering and simulation approaches
    • Identification of suitable modeling and simulation strategies for your challenge
    • Material card creation

Your Project with SIMUTENCE

The following scheme provides an overview of our consulting options. We are happy to provide more details to tailor a prospective collaboration to your challenges.

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